Restorative Approaches is an umbrella term used for all types of restorative working, including Restorative Justice. Below is an example of some of the Restorative Approaches used in Suffolk.

Restorative Approaches

Restorative approaches is the umbrella term for a number of different interventions where Restorative practices and ways of working are used.

In broad terms restorative approaches constitutes an approach to challenging behaviour, which puts repairing harm done to relationships and people, over and above the need for assigning blame and dispensing punishment. Take a moment to think about that statement…it’s remarkably different to the current way we look at conflict in society and the Criminal Justice System!

The processes and interventions of a restorative approach aim to make things as right as possible after some behaviour or event which has adversely affected people. It stresses the importance of the relationship and seeks at all times to restore the relationship between people when these have been damaged by inappropriate, anti-social or offending behaviour.

In all the types of restorative approaches available they require those involved to be given the opportunity to explain what has happened and how they have been affected and to suggest how the harm can be repaired.


I was so scared to meet the man who burgled my house…the Restorative Justice conference gave me a new perspective on what happened and answered so many of my questions…


It was the toughest experience of my life. I didn’t know I was capable of remorse or taking any responsibility for my actions.


All mediation initially starts with using a set of questions. These questions are used by all mediators in one way or another but the result is nearly always the same. A greater understanding of issues from all parties involved and how all parties want to move forward. Next time you come across a conflict, think of these questions!


Tell me about what happened?

How did it make you feel?

Who else has been effected?

What needs to happen for you to move forward?

How could you get involved in Restorative Approaches?

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