There are free mediation services available in Suffolk!

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The Process

  1. After a referral has been received (see referral process, below) a mediator will visit the participants, usually in their homes, to explain the process and to gain an understanding of the conflict issues
  2. If it is assessed as safe and suitable a face to face meeting or shuttle mediation (see shuttle mediation, below) is held at a nearby neutral venue for all participants to attend.  Ground rules are set for the meeting and the issues are discussed, with a view to participants making agreements which are recorded in to a written agreement between everyone present, an agreement which is realistic, achievable and satisfactory to everyone.  The mediator facilitates the meeting and everyone is given a chance to have their say without interruption
  3. Participants are encouraged to draw a line under what has happened in the past and to move on based on what has been agreed through the mediation process

Shuttle Mediation

Sometimes the situation is not suitable or appropriate for people to meet face to face.  In these circumstances the mediation service can offer shuttle mediation, where information is passed between participants by the mediators until agreement is reached.

Types of issues we can mediate

Anti-social behaviour


Different lifestyles





High Hedges



My community needs some help. In the last couple of months the community park and play area has been taken over by a group of people that are causing a lot of noise late in the evening. This is having an effect on families that use to play in the park but are too scared to anymore. They feel intimidated and don’t feel comfortable confronting them. We’ve spoken to the local Safer Neighbourhood Team but things don’t seem to be improving.

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Example of an issue we can potentially help with.


I am having some trouble with a few families living down my street. One family are parking over my driveway and other driveways in the street which make it difficult for me to get in and out of my driveway. On top of this the family also make a lot of noise playing loud music which makes it impossible for me to sleep. I feel on edge all the time and just want this all to stop.

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Example of an issue we can potentially help with.


My neighbour has a hedge that is growing out of control and over onto my property. I have asked them to cut it but they wont. I’ve tried calling the police and local council but there is nothing they can do. It’s causing me a lot of frustration and anxiety and I don’t know what to do!

Can you help?

Example of an issue we can potentially help with.

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